Established nearly five decades ago TuffStuff Fitness International has become recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of high quality consumer and commercial strength products.

From our humble beginnings as a small family-owned company (founded in 1971), to our current state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Chino, California. TuffStuff maintains one of the largest American production lines in the fitness industry, and remains the only fitness company in the United States with the capability to manufacture any product it sells. This capability is remarkable in an industry where most equipment suppliers do not design or manufacture anything they sell.

The continued success of TuffStuff’s products in both the institutional and consumer markets may be attributed to a team of dedicated staff, focused on making design improvements and meeting market demands, while delivering exceptional customer service and support.

Since 1971, TuffStuff has maintained a full service manufacturing facility capable of producing the industry’s most dependable strength equipment (Made in the USA trademark) for the world’s finest Health Clubs.

Today, TuffStuff Fitness International continues to produce the highest quality commercial strength equipment available, while offering more customization options and faster turn-around times than any other manufacturer in the industry.


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