BH PL010 Leg Extension


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BH PL010 Leg Extension

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PL010 Leg Extension

Plate Loaded machines combine perfect biomechanics with bold and aggressive styling to meet all the requirements our customers may need. They are attractive, solid, and easy to use machines. The machines are flexible and adjustable to fit all users of any height with easy to use and conveniently located levers and points. Sturdy, oversized foot support platforms provide safe workouts. The PL Series provides a variety of exercises and enables your facility to look great while offering the latest in cutting edge strength equipment in a safe, solid and sturdy design.

Length: 158 cm. / 62.2”
Width: 150 cm. / 59.1”
Height: 100 cm. / 39.4”
Max Load: 350 kg. / 771 lbs.
Machine Weight: 149.6 kg. / 329 lbs.

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