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Beistegui Hermanos S.A. company, more commonly known as BH, was founded by brothers Beistegui Hermanos. The headquarters of BH group is located in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, and nowadays, BH group is the largest one and the only one which could offer full range of home use and commercial use fitness equipment in Europe.

BH Spain Factory
BH Portugal
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BH Asia

Each of the subsidiaries is incharge of the local market. BH N.A. is responsible for the market of North America, including USA and Canada. BH Mexico is responsible for the market of South America, and BH Asia is responsible for the market of the whole Asia market. As for BH China, is the subsidiariy for China market.

From the established date in 1909, BH Group has existed for 100 years. Initially BH is dedicated to the weapons industry. With the end of the First World War and having gained significant experience and progressive technology during the war, BH successfully changed from traditional industry into the professional manufacturer of bicycles. In the 60s, the self-made rate of BH bikes has reached 100%, that is, all body of the fitness bike including parts was produced and assembled in BH main factory. Since 70s, fitness trend has begun to prevail. In order to respond to the growing demand for fitness equipment, Exercycle, S.L. was formed to take charge of fitness equipment market.

All the products of our five brands, BH HIPOWER, BH PROACTION, BH FITNESS, BH SHIATSU andVIVAFIT, passed CE and ISO9001 certifications from European Union and the strict EN957 fitness equipment safety standards. As a Green Company, BH group pioneered in environment protection, become the first one to pass the ISO14001 certification in the fitness industry. Moreover, BH owns a dynamic group of senior professionals to guarantee our quality and an outstanding R&D team to keep pioneering new innovations. We are pleased to announce that we always pursue the best, no matter for our products manufacture or in environment protection area.



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